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If you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at hello@ruok.org.au 

R U OK? is not equipped to offer crisis intervention or expert counselling and our website is no substitute for professional care. If you or someone you know is doing it tough, you can find recommended supports here.

If life is in danger call 000.

If your gut says something’s not quite right with someone, chances are that they might need a bit of extra support from the people around them. You can find tips to start a conversation with them here. If someone you know needs some extra support, you can find recommended supports here.

If life is in danger call 000.

> Who can help us?
Anyone willing to make time to connect with others, ask the question and listen either way.

> How can I start a conversation?
Check out our tips for talking to someone , or watch our stories.

> Can I volunteer?
We do sometimes need volunteers to help us pull off events. As a small team, we’re always grateful for people who have energy, time and enthusiasm to share. If you’re someone who wants to share our mission, we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about volunteer opportunities here.

> How can I stay in touch?
For regular updates and inspiring content subscribe to our newsletter and Youtube channels. You can also follow us on our Facebook , Twitter , Flickr and LinkedIN channels.

> How can I donate money or fundraise?
Thanks for the support! Click Donate or Fundraise for more information.

> Ideas for fundraising
Our fundraising toolkit contains tips, tools and ideas to help make your fundraiser a success. Access it here .

> Fundraising approval
Our fundraising guidelines contain all the information. Access it here .

> Can I claim a tax deduction if I make a donation?
Yes you can. We’re a registered Australian harm prevention charity.

> Can people ask for a tax deduction as part of a fundraiser?
That’s a bit more complicated. The general rule is that if you’re getting something in return for your cash support, then you can’t claim a tax deduction. The only time that rule doesn’t apply is if you paid a lot more than than what the item is worth. It’s best to speak with an accountant for specific advice.

> I need ideas for my event?
To support your R U OK? event, we've developed a number of free resources you can access here .

> How can I get a speaker for my event?
If you would like to request a speaker please email us at hello@ruok.org.au . Please note! We receive a high number of speaking requests for our Ambassadors , especially for R U OK?Day , so sometimes we’re unable to support every request.

If you’ve had a thorough look through the website and still can’t find the information you need, you can contact us at hello@ruok.org.au

R U OK? works with organisations of all shapes and sizes to create mutually beneficial partnerships that encourage more Australians to connect and be there for one another through life’s ups and downs.

For more information on how your organisation can partner with R U OK?, please contact us via email at hello@ruok.org.au .

> Merchandise questions:
You can order and find all our merchandise here . If you’ve got a specific question you can get in touch with us at hello@ruok.org.au

> Free items
We try really hard to keep the products and prices as affordable as possible. However, the small margin we do make helps us expand our reach. Therefore, we’re unable to offer free items. But we’ve got a number of FREE resources you can download here. You can also hit up the local shops for anything bright yellow and fun!

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