Hugh Jackman RUOK Ambassador

“Looking out for our mates is one of the foundations our country was built on. R U OK?Day gives us all a chance to stop and really connect with our friends to see if they need our support. For some people it is hard to ask for that help, so let’s all take a step closer to those we know and ask one simple question: ‘Are you ok?’”
Simon Baker RUOK Ambassador

“We have horrible droughts in this country; we have bushfires and other incidents where Australians band together. We have proven that we have the strength and the power to stand together as a community. To be able to show that same strength as individuals and have conversations one-on-one with friends would be an incredible step forward for us all.”
Naomi Watts RUOK Ambassador

"I want to encourage people to check in with their friends and ask a simple question, 'How's it going? Are you ok?'. It doesn't have to be R U OK?Day. We can ask this question any day of the year.”
Jack Thompson RUOK Ambassador

"R U OK? reminds us all that we can make a difference to our friends and family who might be having a tough day or a difficult time.”
Jack Thompson RUOK Ambassador
Media personality

“It’s very important as people age that they maintain their social connections because it’s very easy to become isolated. Human beings are social beings and by interacting with others in the community it keeps our brain in good health and it keeps us in good spirits.”
Katherine Hicks RUOK Ambassador

"R U OK? encourages all of us to take the time to ask that vital question, “Are you ok?’ While only a small question, it can be a big and scary one for people to actually articulate. In my case, it’s been a very valuable path to take and I’m proud that friends will open up to me about their feelings when I say these few words.” 
Allison Langdon RUOK Ambassador
Presenter for Australia's Nine News

“Getting people talking about issues surrounding mental health and depression is tough. R U OK? has such a powerful message because it’s so simple. There’s no better way to make sure your loved ones are alright.

 “The way we live has changed so dramatically. Access to technology and social media can mean we don’t spend as much time face-to-face as we used to. It’s important to stop and think about the people in our lives and ask the question, ‘Are you ok?’” 
Barry Du Bois RUOK Ambassador
Presenter - The Living Room

“I know first hand how it feels to look ok on the outside, but not on the inside. I started to lose my way emotionally after my Mum lost her battle with cancer and my wife suffered several miscarriages during many failed IVF attempts. I felt I had lost control of my life and self-worth. My wife recognised that I was not myself and urged me to talk about it - but I could not open up. She did not give up on me and urged my siblings and close mates to talk to me. Through these conversations, I came to realise that I could not handle everything on my own. Admitting that I needed help from others was the start of getting my life back on track.”
Will and Steve RUOK Ambassadors
MKR Winners

- WILL -
“It’s something very close to my heart because I have suffered from depression and anxiety for more than 20 years. I want to raise awareness of mental health issues because I think they affect more people than people admit. "The first signs appeared at university, but at the time I didn’t realise I was unwell. I was not happy, bad days rolled into bad weeks, rolled into bad months. I actually struggled with some exams because I couldn’t focus. I went to see my tutor and I broke down. He helped me to see a counsellor and that was a big turning point for me."
Bianca Dye RUOK Ambassador
Radio Personality 97.3 FM Brisbane

“It’s really important for people in the media who have these seemingly great rock and roll lifestyles to be honest about their problems and use their platform to destigmatise metal health issues, where they can. I really feel it’s our duty to be more vulnerable and honest.”
Tanya Hennessy RUOK Ambassador
HOTFM Radio Presenter

“I understand the importance of asking somebody whether or not they are OK and how essential human connection can be to somebody’s emotional well being. There’s been a few times when I have really needed somebody to ask me if I’m OK and they have and it’s saved my life.”
Bruce Hopkins RUOK Ambassador
Bondi Rescue Lifeguard

“As hard as it is try and do things that lift you back up when you’re in a bad place, like exercise, it can make a big difference to your wellbeing. Also talking to mates and not being afraid to open up. People care and want to be there for you, so let them in and let them help.”
Steven Oliver RUOK Ambassador

“Suicide is something that has impacted my life several times over the years and sad to say, I expect it will impact it again in the years ahead. Being asked to be an ambassador has made me think more about the impact of suicide in my life. Don't be afraid to ask 'RUOK' but more importantly, don't be afraid to say "No. I'm not." 
Tim Pocock RUOK Ambassador

“We put on a really, really strong face. But we know we’re lying to ourselves a lot of the time. And we need to be encouraged. The way that we’re encouraged? By our friends and family asking us, ‘are you ok?’"
Zoe Nailor RUOK Ambassador

"Asking ‘are you ok?’ from a space of patience, tolerance, acceptance and love can truly become a gateway for anyone struggling with life to embark of a journey of healing and awakening. "In a world where the pace of life means that really holding space for someone is a rarity not the norm – we can really use this day as a reminder to slow down and take the time to really connect with our friends and loved ones, so we can all begin to feel seen, heard, acknowledged and truly loved. Love equals time! "
Elli Johnston RUOK Ambassador

“It’s so important to keep communicating and keep pressing without being too forceful or overstepping peoples boundaries. Keep checking in and being there for them, things can turn around when people feel supported and get the tools they need to make changes.”
Mavournee Hazal RUOK Ambassador

“I’m no stranger to mental illness; depression is a very familiar demon tackled in my family and I’m so grateful that I was brought up in an environment where asking for help when needed was encouraged and answered. However, not everyone is as open and willing to talk about their issues as some, which is why September 8 is such an important day.”
Natalia Siam RUOK Ambassador

“A simple question like R U OK? can make such a big difference to someone who needs to hear it. Sometimes people just need to talk and open up to someone they trust. You don’t have to have the answers, just be there to listen, don’t judge them and check in again later.”


Rachel Lynch RUOK Ambassador
Australian Hockeyroo

“When you’re out on the field and the stakes are high, you need to support your teammates. But it’s just as important to support each other off the pitch as well.”
Wendell Sailor RUOK Ambassador
Former NRL and Wallabies Player

"When I was 32, a conversation with my coach Wayne Bennett and my wife changed all that. After I’d made a few stupid decisions, they both told me that I wasn't acting like myself. I finally felt I could open up because they both clearly wanted to help me. They weren’t judging me at all.”
Phil Waugh RUOK Ambassador
Former Wallabies Captain

“As men, we can sometimes feel that we shouldn’t show emotion or vulnerability. We need to remind each other that it’s ok not to be ok, and to help one another through those rough patches when we can."
Ashleigh Nelson RUOK Ambassador
Australian Hockeyroo

“The concept of R U OK? makes checking in with loved ones a simpler task. It can seem really tough to approach someone when they’re going through a hard time. Asking if someone is ok is straightforward and shows you care. Everyone should do it every day.”
Libby Trickett and Ben Dune RUOK Ambassador
Former Olympic Swimmer

“Having directly seen the impact of mental health - both within my family and also within myself - I know how important it is to stay connected with my loved ones. The concept of R U OK? is so simple. Ask the question of your friends, family, colleagues or team mates and listen to the answer. It means that you can be plugged in to those closest to you, making sure they are coping with life's challenges. I love that something so simple can make such a huge impact.”
Ben Ross RUOK Ambassador
Former NRL Player

“During the lowest point in my life, I just thought I was letting everyone down - even myself. I didn’t want to be around anyone, or talk to anyone. I felt hopeless. It’s hard to describe and it’s a scary thought. Eventually, I had a conversation with my old coach and he helped me turn things around. That’s why I actively support R U OK? because it helps people to open up and have a potentially life-changing conversation.”
Brett Finch RUOK Ambassador
Former Rugby League Player

“When I talk with my friends now I’ll always ask them R U OK? and they’ll say ‘Yeah’, but then I’ll follow up with ‘No mate, I can see things in you that I had going on and you probably don’t want to talk about it but I’m here for you…” You always make a joke and a laugh to cover things up but I know where that got me so I make a point with my mates, I’ll just keep asking.”
Dan DJ Holdsworth RUOK Ambassador
Former Rugby League Player

“R U OK? is a great campaign because asking ‘are you ok’ is such a simple question to start a conversation and more awareness around the topic is something that everyone can be a part of.”
Dan DJ Holdsworth RUOK Ambassador
Former Rugby League Player

"R U OK?Day can be every day. Just know that starting the conversation is the most important part. Be there for your friends, family and even workmates. Let's try and make everyday ok for them, but if they're not ok, be there for them ."


Rob Mills RUOK Ambassador

"I support R U OK? because I have seen what a difference three little words can make to me, to my friends, and to my extended family. Throw in a hug and it’s a recipe for change: A change in attitude towards speaking up about mental health issues. Most of the time I’ve found that a good conversation is all it really takes, and for someone to take the time just to ask… ‘Are you ok?" 
Barry Conrad RUOK Ambassador

"I was bullied heavily in school. At times, I honestly found myself questioning whether it would just be easier without me here. I know firsthand the power of conversation. How taking a genuine interest in others and asking, "Are you ok?", can literally change the course of someone's life. "So many people walk around wearing a smile, but are actually suffering in silence. I'm proud to be an ambassador for such a life-giving cause."
Travis Collins RUOK Ambassador

“The loss of my father-in-law completely rattled the foundations of our family. “My father-in-law was the larrikin of the town. He was the one that pulled the pranks and made the funny voices on your voicemail. No one in the town would have ever picked it. In hindsight, there were red flags that I didn't notice because it was him. I thought: ‘It won’t happen to us. He’s too happy.’”

"Asking someone if they’re ok or how’s things going, whether it’s personal or at work; is a simple question to ask and once you put it out there you’ve opened up that door. They might not answer you in that moment but they’ll leave the conversation knowing you opened the dialogue and that you care. And tomorrow they might come back and decide to have a chat because they know you're someone who’s interested in how they’re feeling."

"Listen to their story. Picture how you would feel in their shoes. Empathise with them. Sit there. Put your arm around them. Just listen."


Rachel Robertson RUOK Ambassador
Antarctic Expedition Leader

“If I am going to be a leader, I need to care about people and I need to show it. One way I do that is by recognising I need to look out for signs that my team are coping and get in there pretty quickly if it seems like someone’s struggling. One way I can do that is by asking my team R U OK? How’s it going? Let’s have a talk. They’re usually happy that someone recognised they had something going on, and asked them about it.”
Rachel Robertson RUOK Ambassador
Founder The Upside

"Communication is the universal solvent. Always remember to check in with your crew and ask this simple but powerful question, 'are you ok?'"

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