You’ve got what it takes! Supporting one another is something we all need to do. That’s why we hit the road for 6 weeks, traveled 16,000 km and visited 22 communities to show Australia that we’ve all got what it takes to support those struggling with life. 


The R U OK? Conversation Convoy aimed to inspire everyone, no matter their location, to invest more time in the people around them and give them the skills, motivation and confidence to start a conversation with anyone they might be worried about.

You’ve got what it takes to navigate a conversation when someone says, “no, I’m not ok” by following these 4 Steps:
The Conversation Convoy departed on 1 August 2017 and reached its destination on R U OK? Day 14 September 2017. Events were held in 22 communities showcasing the 4 Steps and highlighting local support services. The Conversation Convoy may have finished its journey but conversations need to happen every day of the year. Get involved by starting them in your school, workplace, uni, sports club or community!


Conversations on the road powered by Virgin Mobile… real people sharing real moments!
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: Maryann & Van Larkin image
A chat with Maryann and Van Larkin! 
Wife and son of our late founder Gavin Larkin.
Conversations That Change Lives Video image
Ambassador Barry Conrad chats about the importance of conversation in the world of performing arts.
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: John Schumann image
Musician John Schumann shares why he's an advocate for veterans and rural and remote mental health.
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: Paul McFarlane
NSW Ambulance Senior Chaplain and 
R U OK? Ambassador Paul McFarlane shares how conversations can make a difference to those working in the emergency services.
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: Paul McFarlane
Singer, songwriters and R U OK? Ambassadors Louise Adams and James Van Cooper join us for Carpool Conversations. 
Carpool Conversations: James Gully
James Gully, CEO of Virgin Mobile Australia, joins us for Carpool Conversations and reflects on why businesses need to invest in their staff's wellbeing. 
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: Steve Bastoni
Actor, producer, director and R U OK? Ambassador Steve Bastoni joined us for Carpool Conversations and shared why men need to talk. 
R U OK? Carpool Conversations: The Governor-General
The Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove joined us for Carpool Conversations and reflected on the importance of being there for our mates.
Carpool Conversations: Julie Collins
Julie Collins, the Shadow Federal Health Minister,  joins us for Carpool Conversations and reflects on how we've all got what it takes to ask R U OK?


Thanks For Asking: Teaser
Real people share times a heartfelt conversation changed someone’s life. You might laugh, you might cry but most importantly you’ll feel empowered because asking “are you ok? when someone’s struggling with life, could turn things around in ways you might not have imagined. 
Episode 1: Post-traumatic stress reaction
Meet Simon Gillard an ex-police officer who like 10%, but possibly as high as 20%, of emergency service workers battles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of what they’ve dealt with on the job. In 2011, Simon hit rock bottom, but thankfully he found the help and support he needed. He’s now an advocate for others with PTSD, depression and anxiety in the emergency services, military and the wider community. This is his story.
Episode 2: After the fact
Six weeks after surviving the 2005 London terrorist bombing that killed 26 people on her train, Kristina Lawrence was on her way to work when she had a conversation with her mum that changed her life. Today, Kristina is the Event and Projects Manager for R U OK? This is her story.
Episode 3: What comes after the diagnosis?
Beata English was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2008. She’d ridden a rollercoaster of highs and lows since her teens but found her initial diagnosis hard to accept. Today, she’s working to break down the negative perceptions people hold towards mental illness and has embraced the opportunity to become an R U OK? Ambassador and the voice behind her much-loved blog, Tickle My Mind. This is her story.
Episode 4: Riding the rollercoaster
To encourage people to talk, and with the hope it will help you or a friend in need, R U OK? Ambassador Craig Mack is sharing his story and how, with personal and professional support, he manages his depression. 
Episode 5: The doctor is in
Dr Jan Orman is a GP with over 30 years experience. She's also a GP educator with the Black Dog Institute. She shares why she believes in the power of conversation and the treatment paths that individuals can choose to take for psychological issues, including visiting their GP and using e-mental health tools.
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